Butch Maxwell's Cool Links

The Onion
America's Finest News Source.

I get all my news here.
No wonder I'm confused.

National Public Radio
If you're actually serious about news and information.

Comedy Central
All right, it is mostly a promotional site, but it offers a few laugh.

The Museum of Hoaxes
Hoaxes through the ages!

One Look Dictionaries
Quick access to spellings and definitions.

Mystery Theatre Unlimited
More fun than you'd ever have at a real theatre event.

The M-80s
New Wave Now!

Remember them?

How do we eliminate stupid people from the gene pool?
Relax, Rush! They eliminate themselves!
Check it out:

The Darwin Awards


Pittsburgh's City Theatre
Public Theatre
Irish and Classical Theatre
Public Theatre
Dobama Theatre
Various Locations: Second City
Chicago, Toronto, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Detroit and Cleveland
Wheeling's Towngate Theatre

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